Ambulatory Surgical Center Staffing Concerns Associated with Frequent Patient No-Show

Ambulatory Surgical Center Staffing Concerns Associated with Frequent Patient No-Show

No matter the nature of your surgical center, patient no-shows and last minute cancellations can be a significant and very costly problem. Not only do they have an impact on the number of billable hours you can fit into a full day’s schedule, but they also represent unnecessary operational overhead for your practice. This is perhaps most evident where your healthcare staffing is concerned.

Here are a few very important factors to consider:

  • When you are adequately staffed to see a set number of appointments in the day, no-shows leave your team members with unnecessary idle time. This represents a staffing investment with no real returns (see cost of no-show calculator)
  • When your administrative staff is burdened with the task of chasing after patients who have failed to show for their appointment, it represents both a monetary cost and lost opportunity. That is, productivity suffers when your administrative team is unable to do the jobs you’ve hired them to do.
  • Constant no-shows and last minute cancellations are extremely frustrating for everyone involved. However, this problem can be especially demotivating for the team members who do the hands-on work to prepare for appointments that never show. Low job satisfaction is a key contributor to employee turnover, which can be incredibly costly to your healthcare practice.

You have reasonable expectations of your employees; you expect them to do the jobs they’ve been hired to do. In turn, they expect you to provide a positive work environment for them. Your ability to do that suffers when you let no-shows create chaos and disorganization in your healthcare practice. So, if you’re faced with out-of-control patient no-shows, ask how we can help.

At MedBridge Transport, we have made it our mission to get your patients to their appointments in a safe, timely, and compassionate manner.